Elon Cat

$ElonCAT Token

What is the total supply?

The magic number that defines the very essence of Elon Cat: 1.777.000 $ElonCat! This celestial supply, meticulously crafted and infused with whimsy, is the key to unlocking the wonders of our cosmic kitty kingdom. With a nod to the heavens, our supply of 1.777.000 $ElonCat represents the perfect balance between harmony and abundance. It's a number that resonates with cosmic significance, hinting at the mysteries of the universe waiting to be unraveled.

How much for tax?

Prepare to have your cosmic minds blown, because at Elon Cat, we have a new concept: a 0% buy and 3% sell tax! We believe in empowering our community of space-faring investors with maximum financial freedom.

What is the distribution?

In the celestial realm of Elon Cat, we have meticulously crafted the distribution of our tokens to ensure a cosmic balance. With strategic precision, we've allocated 15% for Presale and Liquidity, 10% in a Locker for Cex, 10% in a Locker for Cex Tier 1, 3% Development, 1% Marketing, 1% Ambassador and 60% Burnt